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Are you prepared for a fulfilling career that recognizes and values your contributions?

Within Fabrik, we are dedicated to meaningful endeavors driven by the demand for progress. Through innovative and superior steel solutions, we diligently cater to the diverse requirements of our clientele. This pursuit calls for a collective of adept and imaginative minds, individuals poised to elevate our stature as trailblazers within today’s dynamic, swift-paced, technology-driven, and fiercely competitive steel landscape.

At Fabrik, we offer a spectrum of openings for fresh talents and seasoned experts. Our work environments encompass a wide array, spanning virtual platforms and offices to robust manufacturing plants and cutting-edge research hubs.


At Fabrikl, our manufacturing facilities owe their success to the indispensable contributions of our employees. They are the very essence of strength that defines our corporate identity. Every day, their unwavering commitment drives our accomplishments, all while adhering to our fundamental principle of «Safety First.»

Open Positions


The art of steelmaking demands not only the expertise of our skilled plant workers but also the ingenuity of talented professionals across various business and support services functions. Accounting and Financial Analysis, Human Resources, and a myriad of others.

Open Positions

Graduate/Entry Level

Steel is an intricately engineered substance with limitless possibilities. Fabrik’s engineers and researchers lead the charge in shaping this potential. They work tirelessly to enhance steelmaking, from pioneering product advancements to leveraging cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Open Positions


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